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Whistling Trumpet

Whistling Trumpet

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The ability to change the sound of a blow off valve is increasingly becoming an important issue with buyers, who want to sound different from everyone else 

GFB have released the Whistling Trumpet which emitted a piercing screech when driving aggressively. Unfortunately for a number of GFB owners the 5701 trumpet only worked withe some valve types 

For the owners of all other types of GFB valves, GFB have now released the 5702 - a modified version of the Whistling Trumpet that is designed to work on low boost applications where the 5701 doesn't cut it 

The 5702 can be used in place of the standard trumpet on all GFB valves and will make the whistling sound more readily than the 5701 (high boost and RPM is required to get the whistle from a 5701) and at a slightly higher pitch. Like the 5701 however, it is necessary to run the valve so that all (or most) of the air vents through the trumpet - Respons valves will typically not generate the velocity required to whistle when set to 50/50 venting 

  • 5701 (High Boost Applications) 17psi+
  • 5702 (Low Boost Applications) Factory - 16psi
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