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Aluminium Donuts

Aluminium Donuts

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Our aluminium donuts are used to gain a tighter radius bend than our 45/90 degree bends. Primarily used for tight/compact installations which make it perfect for that custom intercooler, radiator pipe work or exhaust systems. These donuts will not corrode or rust like coated or painted steel and are much lighter than stainless

They have a 2mm wall thickness, depending on stock they can be a brushed or bright anodized finish

This donut once welded can be cut into different pipe angles. Unwelded option is also available


  • 1" / 25.4mm diameter - 27mm CLR - 77mm outside diameter of the donut.
  • 1.25" / 31.75mm diameter - 37mm CLR 106mm outside diameter of the donut.
  • 35mm diameter - 37mm CLR 111mm outside diameter of donut.
  • 1.5" / 38mm diameter - 32mm CLR - 102mm outside diameter of donut.
  • 2" / 50.4mm diameter - 46mm CLR - 145mm outside diameter of donut.
  • 2.5" / 63.5mm diameter - 52mm CLR - 168mm outside diameter of donut
  • 3" / 76.2mm diameter - 58mm CLR - 192mm outside diameter of donut
  • 3.5" / 88.9mm diameter - 65mm CLR
  • 4" / 101.60mm diameter - 70mm CLR - 242mm outside diameter of donut

(CLR - Center Line Radius)

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