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Oil Drain Flanges

Oil Drain Flanges

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Our oil drain flanges are 6mm thick and made from high quality stainless or mild steel

Available in two different sizes

Small flange dimensions,

  • 15mm Centre hole
  • 7mm Stud holes
  • 55mm Long
  • 25mm Wide
  • 38mm Bolt Centers

Large flange dimensions,

  • 17mm Centre hole
  • 8mm Stud holes
  • 69mm Long
  • 30mm Wide
  • 50mm Bolt Centers 

The turbo oil drain is a pipe that connects your turbo chargers oil gallery to the engine, this drains the oil away from the bearings inside the turbo charger

The pipe is connected typically to the sump or the lower portion of the engine block. It is important for the oil drain pipe size to be large enough to drain enough volume of oil away without restriction. The oil drains away from the turbo by gravity only there is no pressure on the drain side of the turbo

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