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Snorkel Kits

Snorkel Kits

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Our D.I.Y stainless steel snorkel kits are customizable to suit any 4WD vehicle. These snorkels look great and sound even better as well as help to protect your vehicles engine from water entering causing catastrophic damage. Safely navigate deep water crossings, muddy terrain and dusty roads while protecting your engine form debris and water ingress 

Available in 3", 3.5", 4" and 5" 

We also have 4" Ulti kits, these are 1.5xD (longer radius) and are made in NZ by Ultibend 

This kit includes the following materials that are ideal for fabricating your own snorkel 

  • 2x 45 Degree Bends 
  • 1x 90 Degree Bend 
  • Straight tube, 1m & 1.5m options are available
  • Optional end cap, multiple styles available

Additional bends, piecuts and tube can be purchased for long entry styles 

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