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EX44 Wastegate - 44mm

EX44 Wastegate - 44mm

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The GFB 44mm wastegate has been designed to cope with the brutal conditions of extreme exhaust temperatures, the wastegate features not only a huge flow capacity but also a compact size that is unmatched by competitors for a 44mm wastegate 

Supplied with a 5psi & 10psi spring already fitted, 7psi springs are available and can be ganged together in various combinations to allow boost pressures of 5psi, 7psi, 10psi, 12psi, 15psi, 17psi and 22psi. This is the largest range of boost pressures off-the-shelf. Body, valve and seat are made from high-temp stainless steel 

  • Actuator housing machined from billet 7075 aluminium - much stronger & harder that 6061
  • Internal valve shroud protects valve stem from excessive heat and prevents carbon-related sticking 
  • Top hat style Nomex-reinforced silicone rolling diaphragm for longer valve travel
  • Brass boost hose connectors 
  • V-band clamp mounting system, supplied with 304 stainless weld-on adaptors (base flange is compatible with TIAL 44 flange)
  • Quality and Performance unsurpassed 
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