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V-band Kit - Stainless Stepped

V-band Kit - Stainless Stepped

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Our 304 stainless steel v-band kits make it easy to install and remove exhaust systems and turbo parts. The self-aligning V design weld flanges have been designed with male to female connection which not only helps align the bands but also provides multiple sealing surfaces which prevent leaks and warping. Our self-aligning clamps are uniquely designed to help keep your exhaust system operating properly and even more importantly, allow you to disassemble your system for service or to repair other systems on your vehicle 

Includes a pair of machined flanges and clamp

V band sets have stepped flanges for perfect alignment and sealing

Our titanium and stainless flanges are compatible, perfect if you want to use a stainless muffler in a titanium system


  • Anti-seize/copper coat the clamp thread before assembly and disassembly 
  • Low amps and clamp flanges together during welding to prevent flanges warping 
  • RTV is never a good idea, if you require it something is wrong, i.e. warped or damaged flange
  • These don't need to be super tight, 3-5nm as the wedge action on the V does all the work
  • Avoid tightening or loosening while hot, risk of thread damage is higher due to thermal expansion
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