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Vband Set - Stainless Stepped

Vband Set - Stainless Stepped

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SS304 stainless steel v-band set

Includes a pair of machined flanges and clamp

V band sets have stepped flanges for perfect alignment and sealing

Our Ti and SS flanges are compatible, perfect if you want to use a stainless muffler in a titanium system



- Anti-seize/copper coat the clamp thread before assembly and disassembly 

- Low amps and clamp flanges together during welding to prevent flanges warping 

- RTV is never a good idea, if you require it something is wrong, i.e. warped or damaged flange

- These don't need to be super tight, 3-5nm as the wedge action on the V does all the work

- Avoid tightening or loosening while hot, risk of thread damage is higher due to thermal expansion

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