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UJ Combination Bend - Aluminum - Stainless - Mild Steel

UJ Combination Bend - Aluminum - Stainless - Mild Steel

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Combination bends

Available in:

- Aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel & Mild Steel

- Tight 180' bend, with a 45' and long tail as per dimension sheet below

Suitable for Automotive fabrication, Exhaust systems, 4X4 snorkels, custom intakes and intercooler piping, sme of our customer use these for 4WD bumper light hoops and even custom Harley handle bars

Ali alloy, SS304, Mild steel

Approximate Dimensions  
Diameter A B C R
1.75"  127mm 178mm 178mm 66.7mm
2.0" 102mm 229mm 305mm 76.2mm
2.25" 102mm 203mm 305mm 85.5mm
2.5" 127mm 203mm 305mm 95.3mm
3.0" 203mm 254mm 584mm 114.3mm
3.5" 178mm 330mm 533mm 113.4mm
4.0" 178mm 400mm 813mm 152.4mm
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