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Our tig welding tungsten is ideal for welding stainless steel and aluminum. It provides superior abrasive strength and arc stability. It has excellent electrical conductivity, heat resistance, and low thermal expansion to ensure an optimal welding result

Tungsten is a rare metallic element used for manufacturing TIG welding electrodes. The TIG process relies on tungsten's hardness and high-temperature resistance to carry the welding current to the arc. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, 3,410 degrees Celsius 

Tungsten electrodes are non-consumable and come in a variety of sizes. Choosing the correct tungsten depends on the material being welded, the number of amps required and whether you are using AC or DC welding current. Tungsten electrodes are colour-coded at the end for easy identification

We have six colours in 2.4mm diameter and blue in 1.6mm diameter

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