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Titanium Bends

Titanium Bends

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With our high quality GR2 titanium 90 degree bends you will find exceptional weight saving & strength benefits along with improved exhaust flow when utilizing titanium in your exhaust system or intercooler piping

Benefits of Titanium

  • Lightweight - Your exhaust system is a large component of your vehicle so saving weight by using titanium is a simple way to shed weight
  • Strength  - Alloyed Titanium is dramatically stronger than many grades of steel
  • Heat Management - Titanium will withstand much higher heat for longer periods without becoming brittle like stainless & other types of steel
  • Corrosion Resistance - Stainless steel and other types of steel are corrosive; this means over time your exhaust system will rust and deteriorate this is sped up due to noxious gases and moisture produced by your running engine

Titanium really is a material of the gods when you consider all of the benefits. It can and will give you many advantages when implemented into a performance or race environment

Sizes up to 3.5" have a 1.0mm wall thickness

The 4" bends have a 1.2mm wall thickness 

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