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T2 Turbo Inlet Flanges

T2 Turbo Inlet Flanges

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Our T2 Turbo Inlet Flanges are designed to fit most types of turbos with pilot holes ready to drill and tap. Untapped option is also available 

Turbo inlet gaskets are a crucial component in ensuring a reliable and durable seal during the installation of your turbo. Compared to fiber or cardboard gaskets, our steel gaskets are proven to be less likely to blowout under high pressure conditions. With this added durability and performance you can trust our gaskets to provide a long-lasting seal for your turbocharged engine

  • Typically 12mm thick mild or stainless steel
  • T2 flange is suitable for T25 and T28 range turbos
  • T2-T4 flange is 16mm thick and perfect for adapting T2 to T4 series turbos


Get the high-quality inlet flanges you need for peak turbo performance here at MAXFAB

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