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Riv Nuts - Rubber & Steel

Riv Nuts - Rubber & Steel

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A clever yet simple fastener combining a rivet and a nut. Riv nuts are installed quickly and easily from one side to provide a high-quality, load bearing captive thread. They can be used in sheetmetal, aluminium extrusions, panel steel, round or square tubes and even composite materials

We have a range of sizes in either rubber or steel and option of low profile or large flange 

  • Rubber - 6mm and 8mm (no special tooling required, these simply pull up as you're fastener is tightened. They return to their original shape when loosened and can be re-used)
  • Steel - 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm (Low Profile - sits flush with counter sunk hole or Large Flange)
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