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Aluminium Radiator Fabrication Components

Aluminium Radiator Fabrication Components

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Made from high quality Aluminium our weld-on billet filler caps and necks are specially designed for radiators, catch-cans, reservoirs and fuel tanks

Billet neck and Filler Caps are available in 1.5" 2" and 2.5"

1.5" - measure 38mm across the weld-on base and 44mm across the cap

2" - measures 49mm across the weld-on and 56mm across the cap

2.5" measures 58.5mm across the weld-on and 69 across the cap 

Radiator filler neck and pressure cap

Small measures 47.5mm across the weld-on base and 19.75mm internal hole with an 8mm overflow tail 


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