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Mild Steel Tube

Mild Steel Tube

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Our mild steel tube is deigned specifically for your custom exhaust systems, headers, external waste-gate piping, intercooler piping, turbocharger, supercharger, catch cans, fuel lines, heater pipes, surge tanks and intake systems 

1.6mm wall thickness

Pricing is for 1M lengths 

Available in

  • 2" - 51mm
  • 2.5" - 63.5mm
  • 3" - 76.1mm

The exhaust tube has a coating of oil on the inside and outside to prevent surface rusting before use, it is recommended to remove the oil before welding

If purchasing more than 1m, we can ship the following length sizes:

  • 1.5m with Courier-Post 
  • 1.8m with NZC & Posthaste

For Rural delivery the MAX length NZPOST will accept is 1.5m, unfortunately there are no other options for rural

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