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Green Brothers

Mazda Rotary Underdriven Multi Rib Pulley Kit

Mazda Rotary Underdriven Multi Rib Pulley Kit

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Designed and manufactured to a high standard right here in NZ using aircraft grade 6061 aluminium billet

Fits all 12A and 13B engines from RX2 through Series 5 RX7 (Will not fit twin distributor water pumps or JC Cosmo water pumps) Fits all alternators

Diameters and resulting pulley speeds are optimized for water pump and alternator efficiency. The 5PK belt has significantly more grip and less friction loss than a Vee belt. Green Brothers have designed this kit to have the least amount of horsepower loss possible (has significantly less horsepower loss vs Gilmer drives)

  • No risk of thrown belts, as with single and double Vee pulleys 
  • Lightest weight kit available with a combined pulley weight of 450grams 
  • Machined to tight tolerances eliminating runout and wobble 
  • Vapour blasted prior to anodizing to achieve a stain finish  
  • 35um semi hard black anodized for surface toughness and longevity 
  • Crank pulley fits all rotary front hubs including FD
  • Water pump pulley fits all 15mm and 17mm shaft alternators by means of removable sleeve (included)
  • Supplied with OEM quality Mitsuboshi belt 
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