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Braided Flexi

Braided Flexi

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Our Braided Exhaust Flexi / Exhaust Bellows are designed to make a reliable flexible connection in an exhaust system. Flexi joints are recommended in an exhaust system to help stop the weight and vibration of the exhaust transferring vibration up through your turbo or turbo manifold, this can lead to cracking of your manifold or bolts and studs vibrating loose

They have a braided outer layer and a flexible inner, meaning there is no internal stainless weave that can collapse and block the flow of exhaust gases

These are ideal for high power automotive, waste gate plumbing, marine, or truck exhaust applications. We offer them in a variety of styles including braided exterior, welded, and crimped

Made with 304 stainless steel weld ends

Tube Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Length
1.75 44.5 60 64
2 50.8 66 64
2.5 63.5 76 76
3 76.2 98 101
3.5 88.9 112 101
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