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Green Brothers

FD Rx7 Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit

FD Rx7 Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit

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Green Brothers hydraulic release bearing kit to suit FD bell housing is a bolt-in kit - no modification required 

  • 6061 bearing adapter CNC machined in-house 
  • Tilton hydraulic release bearing 
  • Height adjustable (shim stack included) 
  • Bleeder line with bleed nipple 
  • Pressure line supplied with loose hose end (line can be trimmed to desired length depending on vehicle) 
  • Line clamp
  • Fittings instructions included 

3 bearing version available:

  • 44mm - suits 7.25in and 5.5in single, twin and triple plate clutches - Tilton, Quartermaster, AP, Competition Clutch etc.
  • 50mm - suits 8in clutches - Direct Clutch etc.
  • 54mm - suits 9.5in clutch - stock 13B turbo clutch size 
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