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Green Brothers

FD IDA Intake Manifold

FD IDA Intake Manifold

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Green Brothers high flow, big runner IDA style intake manifold 

  • Fits JD and JC engines (REW and RE)
  • Available in carb (angled) and injected (no angle, equal length runner) versions 
  • Right hand drive and left hand drive conversions available 
  • Gasket, studs, bolts and nuts included 
  • 51mm inlet opening (can be hand ported to suit larger throttle bodies)
  • Semi PP runners taper down to 25mm at the block face. A 3mm wall is left inside the manifold for 4 port applications. For semi PP use this wall can be ground away 
  • Manifold development was done on a 13B bridgeport engine using a 51IDA Weber and pump fuel. 302rwhp was achieved at 9600rpm. This is the most power we've seen from a bridgeport engine to date 
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