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Exhaust Heat Wrap - Titanium Lava

Exhaust Heat Wrap - Titanium Lava

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Titanium Lava Rock Exhaust Heat Wrap - 50mm x 15 meters long 

Our lava heat wrap is manufactured from crushed lava rock filament fiber, this makes the wrap strong and flexible while operating at its designed service temp of 2000F (1093.3 C) continuous and 3000F (1648.9 C) of radiant heat

You can wrap the exhaust/header , run it, heat it up and unwrap when needed. Our heat wrap can withstand temperatures from extreme racing applications

  • Withstands 2000F (1093.3 C) - 3000F (1648.9 C) intermittent 
  • Less heat in the engine compartment 
  • Resists chemicals
  • 25% stronger than fiberglass wraps 
  • Increases horsepower 
  • Excellent for wrapping headers, turbos and turbo down pipes 
  • Reduces radiant heat damage 
  • Carbon fiber look

These can be fixed and secured in place with our metal stainless steel ties available on our website 

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