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Exhaust Flexi - Convoluted bellow

Exhaust Flexi - Convoluted bellow

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Top of the line exhaust flexi / exhaust bellows

Convoluted outside with an internal slip joint construction, the ends are welded

No stainless weave to collapse and create a restriction These are ideal for your high power automotive application, waste gate plumbing, marine or truck exhaust

We stock these in 1.5-4" 

Tube size ID OD Overall Length
1.5" 38.2mm 54mm 64mm
1.75" 44.5mm 60mm 64mm
2" 50.8mm 66mm 64mm
2.25" 57.2mm 74mm 65mm
2.5" 63.5mm 76mm 76mm
3" 76.2mm 98mm 101mm
3.5" 88.9mm 112mm 101mm
4" 101.8mm 124mm 103mm

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