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Aluminum Tube

Aluminum Tube

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Aluminium tube 

Typically 6061 grade

Sold per meter

Ideal for intercooler piping, intakes, catch cans, fuel lines, heater pipes, surge tanks etc

5/8" - 16mm x 1.5mm

1" - 25.4mm x 1.45mm

       35mm x 1.45mm

1.5" 38.1mm x 1.45

2" - 50.8mm x 1.45mm - Raw Finish

2.5" - 63.5mm x 2.0mm

3" - 76.2mm x 2.0mm

4" - 101.6mm x 2.0mm

     -  125mm x 3.0mm - Raw finish 

5" -127mm x 2.0mm


Depending on size we have brushed and Raw finish, grade is normally 6061, but can vary depending on supplier, 

If grade is critical for your project please check with us

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