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Cast Aluminum Elbows

Cast Aluminum Elbows

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Our aluminium 90 degree cast bends/elbows are made from high quality cast aluminum for superior strength and durability. They are ideal for welding to the compressor cover of your turbo charger, completely eliminating the chance of your silicon joiner splitting or melting from excess heat from your turbo manifold or turbine housing

Another great use of the cast elbows can also be for inter-cooler piping, when space is a issue these are a tighter radius than a mandrel bent section of tube. With thick walls and right-angle radii, they are ideal for welding onto turbo outlets, intercooler end tanks, and other equipment

The high quality casting makes them nice to weld

  • The CLR on our cast elbows are approximately .7 x diameter 

(CLR - Center Line Radius)


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