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3" Single

3" Single

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Body Length

Expertly crafted in New Zealand, these AdrenalinR Chambered Oval mufflers boast 100% quality stainless steel construction. Their patented spiral louvre baffle technology and 3-stage sound absorption medium effectively reduce noise without sacrificing performance.

Designed for high tuned street and race cars, the polished, double-embossed case adds a sleek touch. Perfect for rotary engines too!

  • 3" (76mm) Inlet Size
  • Polished Double Embossed Case
  • 8 x 5” oval body size  (200 x 125mm)
  • Configured in Offset/offset, Centre/offset, Offset/centre


  • This is the original race baffle system. Great for any performance road cars that see a  bit of track use.
  • Machine-wrapped stainless steel wool with 4 layers of protection from the hot exhaust gases.


  • This is the next level of defense for the higher tuned race cars and Rotary road/ track cars.
  • Machine wrapped stainless steel wool with 8 layers of protection from the hot exhaust gases.


  • This is the top level protection ADRENALINR can offer. Suited for the angriest track weapons around.
  • Developed on 2, 3 and 4 rotor race cars and proven to handle the most extreme power and heat we could find. Machine wrapped stainless steel wool with a full 2.5kg roll wrapped around the baffle! Approx. 16 layers depending on diameter
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