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1UZ-FE Exhaust Manifolds

1UZ-FE Exhaust Manifolds

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V Band Flanges

Log style exhaust manifolds for 1UZFE Lexus V8 engines 

We've got two main types, block hugger at 72mm from flange mounting face to outside of tube and our regular length huggers at 92mm 

From here we offer a couple of add-on's  -

  • A set of either 2" or 2.25" V-bands fitted to each
  • Angled outlets, these face approx. 45' downward and follow the bellhousing, which make fitment and exhaust system fabrication a bit easier 

The 72mm block huggers are perfect for those tight conversions where its a mission to fit regular headers such as Hilux and Surf swaps 

Tried and proven for over 15yrs

These don't fail like the ones made from thin wall exhaust tube

10mm or 12mm flanges, thick wall 1.5" SCHD40 pipe, fully TIG welded and coated in high temp black paint

V bands can be added as an optional extra

72 and 92mm measurements are approximate, the tight headers are no 'taller' than 72mm

These are heavy, and weight close to 5kg each side, international shipping is possible but is pricey due to the weight


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