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Mitsubishi Pulley Kit - EVO 4-9

Mitsubishi Pulley Kit - EVO 4-9

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New from GFB is the under-drive Crank Pulley for the Mitsubishi EVO VIII & IX. Like all GFB pulley's, the material used is 6000 series aluminium alloy billet, which nets a large weight saving of 1.4kg over the factory pulley, without sacrificing strength or reliability 

The kit comes complete with the required serpentine belt, and installation is dead easy - no specialized tools are required and it can be done in as little as 30 minutes. The accessories are under-driven by 20% which does NOT compromise their performance at low RPM, but does help reduce parasitic losses at high RPM

Like all GFB lightweight under-drive pulleys, the improvement to the car is felt in the form of shaper throttle responses (particularly off boost) and the engine feels more willing to rev. A useful comparison is the difference between performance on a cool evening vs. a warm day or having the A/C off vs. on

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