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Green Brothers

13B PP Rotor Housing Pro Series

13B PP Rotor Housing Pro Series

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MFR Portsize

Green Brothers brand new FC peripheral port rotor housing is ready to run, no finishing required. All product development, testing and CNC machine work is proudly done in house at their Mount Maunganui facility using high quality materials and equipment 

What's included:

  • CNC Peripheral porting - choice of 43mm MFR or 48mm MFR (includes mating port weld flanges, Viton O-rings and titanium bolts)
  • CNC exhaust port 
  • CNC waterjacket O-ringed sealing inserts (no epoxy filler required, no internal or external coolant leaks over time)
  • CNC spark plug socket recesses
  • Oil injector port elimination 
  • Polished port closing edges 
  • Manifold weld jig (holds port flange spacing and alignment while welding) - not pictured 


  • 43mm port option is ideal for 290-320hp street/mild race use 
  • 48mm port option has made over 340hp in competition applications 

The repeatability of CNC porting vs hand porting has shown dyno power gains, as well as tuning consistency. This is due to equal port flow characteristics on all rotors - both intake and exhaust ports 


  • CNC water jacket grooves (improves thermal efficiency on the spark plug side of the housing - extending chrome surface life and reducing spark plug hole cracks over time) Extra $140
  • Intake manifold kit - CNC IDA tapered flange & pair of alloy runners (cut runners to desired length, then spigot into flange recesses for welding) Flange inside diameters are machined to match tube inside diameters so no port matching is required. Extra $320
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