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Green Brothers

13B Light Weight Flywheel 7.25in

13B Light Weight Flywheel 7.25in

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Green Brothers brand new 12lb flywheel with new genuine Mazda ring gear is CNC machined right here in the BOP from 4140 chromoly steel 

  • Ring gear can be replaced, should the need arise
  • Proven to 12,000+rpm 
  • Suits all 13B turbo engines and nay rotary (12A, 13B, 20B) running a 13B gearbox (320mm ring gear)
  • Suits all 7.25in single and multi plate clutches 


4140 vs 1045 Material 

4140 is significantly stronger and has a superior wear rate compared to the more commonly used 1045 material. Subsequently 4140 has a higher purchase price, hence the reason Green Brothers flywheels cost a little more than some others 

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